What is Most Cost Effective? Scentsy Bar or Scentsy Brick?

What is the difference between a Scentsy Brick and a Scentsy Bar?

This is a question I get quite often! So here is some info on Scentsy Bars vs Scentsy Bricks!

There is a 12.8 oz difference!  A Scentsy Brick is a full pound (16 oz) of Scentsy wax which is equal to exactly 5 Scentsy Bars (3.2 oz each). A Scentsy Bar costs $5 while a Scentsy Brick costs $20. You are essentially getting a bar free!

Shown here is the Scentsy Brick, Scentsy Bar, Room Spray and Scent Circle. Click image to enlarge.


Why choose a Scentsy Brick over a Scentsy Bar?

If there is one particular scent that you enjoy, then it makes sense (and cents) to buy a brick.  Here is how the cost if figured:

  • Scentsy Bar (3.2 oz): $5.00 = $1.56 per oz
  • Scentsy Bar Multi Pack (3.2 oz X 6 bars): $25 for 19.2 oz = $1.30 per oz
  • Scentsy Brick: $20 for 16 oz = $1.25 per oz

The Scentsy Bricks are available in ALL Scentsy fragrances and scored just like the smaller bars, but in much larger sections.  Just take an old knife and cut off small pieces of the wax to melt in your Scentsy warmers and enjoy the smell, and the savings.

What are your favorite Scentsy scents that you would stock up on in a brick?