How Does Scentsy Work?

Just place a cube of your favorite Scentsy Bar in one of our beautifully designed warmers and turn it on. The wax does NOT evaporate, just the scent. Which leaves you with a wick and soot free alternative to candles.

Each Scentsy Full Size Warmer is warmed by a 25 watt light bulb, (Mid-Size warmer uses 20w and Plug-in uses 15w) with a candelabra base that is included with each new warmer. This low watt bulb is warm enough to melt the wax, yet doesn’t get hot enough to burn if spilled. Pets and children will not be harmed from the wax as the temperature never goes above body temperature.

Scentsy Authentic Warmers are specifically designed to perfectly melt Scentsy Authentic Bars into an impressive wax pool that throws the maximum amount of fragrance over the longest period of time. Our Warmers melt wax at a lower temperature so there is never any danger of burning children or pets. With dozens of colors and styles to choose from, there is a Warmer to fit every decor.


About Scenty’s Wax

Scentsy Warmers only warm the scent out of the wax – the wax remains in the warmer, thus there is no danger of chemicals being released into the home. You will end up with a piece of non smelling wax that you dispose of and replace with a new Scentsy scent cube. No wick, no match, no flame, no soot, no smoke, and no wax evaporation!


How to use a Scentsy warmer

  1. Plug it in. Turn it on.
  2. Place one or more sections of your Scentsy Bar into the dish. (1-2 cubes are sufficient)
  3. Enjoy the Scentsy feeling!


How to change a Scentsy Fragrance

You have several different options on how to change out your fragrance.

  1. While the wax is warmed you can pour it out into a disposable container or back into its original container.
  2. Simply place a paper towel or cotton ball in your warmer to soak up the wax. Once it is soaked up, throw away the paper towel and wipe out the dish with a clean paper towel.
  3. You may also place the warmer lid in the freezer for 5-10 minimum and the wax should easily slide out.
  4. Let the wax harden after you turn the warmer off. Once it becomes hard, use a knife to pop the wax out.
  5. For plug-ins, it is recommended to use the cotton ball method or to let the wax harden and pop it out.  Scentsy has also come out with Grab Tabs to make it easier to remove wax from your plug-ins. Please do not remove your plug-in from the outlet while it the wax is melted as it will cause spillage.